My friend Comment on Proton Suprima S

Suprima S more better compare to Preve because it will get what Preve would never get it.CVT3+, DRL,7 inch head unit,better NVH package,6 airbag, 5Star NCAP,leather seat,17" inch alloy rim,fr parking sensor, reverse camera, improvement of engine response when accelerate (tcu, pedal, ratio upgrade), 3 wiper, 5door, evp(electronic vacuum pump to improve break system when driving more than 200kmh), new look rear lamp and others new system.
Before this after Preve launched many people compare with Vios, City or Forte..
But now for Suprima S people comparing with VW Passat, Ford Focus, Peugeot and others luxury car base of price in Malaysia.
Because of features giving by proton now is more better than previous.
I still remember on year 2000 when  I bought Wira sedan with RM50K,and then on 2004 bought Waja RM62K. And if we compare the spec we get basic car with old technology by Japan.
But again on 2009 when I bought Myvi RM52K I still get basic car with nothing new technology still old technology from Japan copy by my ex company.
5years working with H company I know that the car price very high due to cover tax and limitation to install new tech parts to our local market car even it very popular car in Malaysia but still using old technology. Imaging that 100K above car still maintain with dual airbag and old engine using more than 5 years at their country...
As per my opinion thanks to all Malaysian which is always  band proton because of the relationship with the  govt....
For Proton's staff we already want our company achieve high level company since it is more than 27year service.
Our development team try very hard work to make car with latest feature and take action to all owner comment and issue
But not to the fooling around without test the car or own latest proton car Exora, Preve and new Suprima S
Kita sebagai manusia juga tidak perfect inikan pula product yg dicipta oleh manusia...apa pun selalu berusaha ke arah menjadi lebih baik
Smile always and thank you for your brilliant comment it will help proton to be best manufacturer car...