Some Comments on New Waja Replacement - INSPIRA

The only reasonable reason for more expensive is that proton has to pay loyalty to mitsubishi for every inspira they are selling. This is like earliest proton car where proton has to pay for royalty.
The thing I found out in this blog is that many proton supporters is supporting for nothing. And they do not see the ‘danger’ behind all this practice of rebadging.
But in our deepest heart we know that this inspira is not the genuine proton product. The Inspira is just a mirror and copy of the Lancer. How can our people so foolish that we treat it like our very own ‘creation’?
They are good in the car spec, good in arguing, good in cursing, good in taxing but they are unable to see with a clearer picture and the important point in doing business is to do R&D and polish up the management, production, sales & service line. Take the opportunity while proton is still under the government protection to improve themselves. Government protection is a privilege and not a must.
The winner in this games is definitely Mitsubishi because proton has to pay a long term loyalty for every Inspira that is sold in the country. For Mitsubishi, they are selling Lancer and ‘Inspira’ and proton is indirectly ‘controlled’ by them. Aren’t they see this picture? We get ‘muka’ but our ‘pocket’ & ‘brain’ is ‘empty’
You can argue that other car maker also practice rebadging but they also having their own car model. Rebadging would be beneficial in short term but it will make the proton R&D lazy and no progress. We have Proton Emas but when can we see it in the Malaysian road?


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